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We are Microsoft Excel Expert Company dedicated to help you for your excel sheet tasks such as Organizing and Arranging Scattered Large Raw Data into useful Summaries, Charts and Pivot Tables. You can apply any required filter in that table to see changes in real time. Contact us now to get very fast onboarding and get your work delivered in less than 24 hours.

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Our Services & Features for your Business

Do you have a very large set of raw data and sheets? Your data is scattered, random and uncleaned? You want to get meaningful insights and analysis from it? Do you want to make an organized and professional dashboard where your all data sheets are connected? Then we can help you out in this regard. We will make your dashboards and pivot tables for your business which will make core insights and analysis more meaningful. Using our service will help you in logical decision making. Pivot tables, map charts, dynamic formulas, graphs, bars, custom formatting, geographical data, interactive and reports. This will held up hidden insights and trends in the data. Visualization is the key matrices in the main decision making. We will also use Excel's built-in Power Query and Power Pivots for job when your data presented. We will link all your sheets to build up summery view where you will able to summerize all your complex data entries and sets.

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Some main points of our Excel and Spreadsheets Consultancy Service

No matter how much complex your data is, having charts and graphs can help you to instantly identify main points. Some of the main points of our services are:

  • Excel Dashboards
  • Pivot Charts and Tables
  • Graphs, Visuals and Representations
  • Data Entry
  • Powerbi Dashboards
  • Data Analysis
  • Vlookup, if condion and formulas
  • Mathimatical Formulas and Graphs
  • Excel VBA Macros
  • Complex Modals
  • Excel to PDF Inter Conversion
  • Google App Script
  • Google Sheets Automation
  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Sheet and Excel Automation

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How Dashboards and Pivots will help you

Our Dashboards and Pivots will have all necassary features for you. We also create custom and complex modals such as some financial modals, loan, reimbursement, Insurance and investment profiles. Also we will perform complex formolas and backend programmin in excel (like macros, App Scripts) to automate your data. Also we will provide you support after delivering your files. We create video explaination for each of our deliveries which include video demonstration about how to use the sheet. That will help you to get dynamic results when your data is changing. Dashboard and Excel Pivot tables automaticall updates by updating your data in backend spreadsheet.

View Our Services & Features for you

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables

We make powerful dashboards and spreadsheet tables which make filtering and managing huge and complex form of data easier. We add multiple filters according to your requirements by which you can sort out your random data into clean tables and charts.

Graphs and Charts (Dashboards)

Visualize your complex data into easily readable graphical charts and graphics. We will create your data dashboard into Excel Dashboards, Power Bi Dashboards, Tableau and Google Data Studio. Profit Dashboards, Excel Dashboards, Excel Summery Sheet are some example of this.

Data Cleaning, Sorting and Filtering

Handling large amount of data in excel sheets is not an easy task. For example if we have large amount of product, services and sales data (Any financial data) that is misplaced and unorganized and we want to make it clear and clean then you can use our services. We will handle it professionally.

MS Excel and Google Sheets Automation

Macros in Microsoft Excel (VBA Macros) and Google App Script in Google Sheets have made automation reality. We will automate your excel's and google's spreadsheets to automate repeared tasks which will save your time and quickly done your required tasks. Contact us now.

Some of our Unique Features

We provide quality work with support and help. Our business is to help yours..!

Video Demonstration

We make screen recording video for each project and send it to our clients along with delivery file.

24/7 Support & Help

Have any question or confusion? Don't hesitate to contact us. We will treat your business like ours.

Unlimited Revisions

Want to change something in final delivery? Don't worry we change it for free.

No Advance Payment

Ordering our service is risk free. We charge payment after work completion.

We deliver our work very fast. Often less than 24 Hours in most of the cases. You will have great communication and time spent with us.

*No Advance Payment Term

Check What The Clients Say About Our Services

Some of Our Clients Reviews About Us

  • “Pivot Excel helped us to manage very large data sets. They heve helped me to scale up my business by managing our business data sheets. I will highly recommend you to use their service as I am also their repeated buyer.”

    James Robert

    Finance Manager
  • “I am running a digital business. I put all my business data into Microsofft Excel Spreadsheet. helped me to organize and sort my data into useful dashboards where I can see insights about my business and profit.”

    Louis Willis

    Digital Business
  • “Running my physical clothing shop and having all expense and purchasing on excel sheet. Pivot Excel service helped me to check and balance my all inventory and profits in a single place. Outstanding Experience with them”

    Ellie Dainko

    Business & Economics
  • “Running an institute and managing all financial data is not an easy task without proper spreadsheet management. helped me to put and organized all our institute data to google sheet online where we can manage our finance anywhere in the world online.”

    Michael Mullet

    Local Business
  • “Best experince. I will recommend you to use their services. Better than hiring a freelancer.”

    David William